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Dr. Melissa Colbert

Osteopath and Clinical Pilates Instructor

  • B.App Sci (Comp Med) .M.Ost

  • Member of Australian Osteopathic Association

  • Rehabilitative Pilates Instructor

  • Certificate of Global Posturology

  • Member of Sports Medicine Australia

Dr. Goonan- Colbert graduated from the school of Osteopathy at the university of RMIT, after completely 5 years at university, 3 years a bachelor of commentary medicine, then 2 year masters of Osteopathy, in which she specialised in Maternal and Pediatric health. 

Dr. Patrick Schrader

Osteopath and Clinical Pilates Instructor

Patrick’s fascination and passion for practising osteopathy stems from his background in martial arts, rugby and dance. He began seeing an osteopath after suffering an injury to the shoulder. Through the amazing results he achieved, his passion as an osteopath was born. His interest in becoming a healthcare practitioner grew stronger after he was diagnosed with scoliosis and began regular maintenance treatments. The results allowed him to continue with life as functionally and pain free as possible. This drove him to expand his knowledge in the field.

Alysa photo.jpg
Dr. Alyssa Fedone

Osteopath / Myotherapist

Alyssa’s passion and drive for helping people is what originally sparked her interest for a profession within allied health where she began her journey by completing her Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 2014. Working both independently and within team setting environments for multiple years her enthusiasm for furthering her learning to upskill and continue my development as a primary healthcare practitioner drew her to pursuing osteopathy, completing her double bachelor’s degree in November 2022. Her passion for health and wellness combined with her personal enjoyment of fitness and self-development aligns with the ideals of myotherapy and osteopathic practices.

Her passion for health and fitness has been reflected within her treatment and management style as her own health related personal experiences has allowed for personable and real-world expectations and personalised adaptability to patient management. With a clear emphasis on providing suitable and achievable rehabilitation by encouraging an active lifestyle, with functional exercise and clinical pilates as some key focuses. She is passionate about providing personalised patient-centred care that are individualised to each patient focusing on addressing specific patient goals and addressing broader patient management involving all aspects that relate to health and wellness. With highly developed hands-on skills and experience in a wide range of treatment techniques including proficiency in dry needling, cupping and TENS whilst invoking a holistic nature by combining manual therapy and broader psychological based practices and interventions.

Following her achievement of completing her Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) at RMIT University in November 2022 she is eager to begin her osteopathic journey in 2023. 

John Gosstray

Remedial Massage Therapist

John has over ten years experience in massage therapy. He has been dedicated principle massage therapist in corporate workplaces and has vast experience in professional sport settings recently joining Vibrant from Melbourne City Football Club where he worked directly with men and women’s teams as well as working with teams within the National Basketball League.

He also takes great pride in helping clients with corrective postural work, using deep tissue treatment, prescribed stretching and self care with raising the clients body awareness. This has been a big focus given the current climate with many working from home and soft tissue dysfunction being a relevant issue in the lives of many.

With John’s experience dealing with athletes, he has passion to provide his clients the best potential to perform at their peak and recover optimally and operate pain free.

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