Dr. Melissa Colbert

Osteopath and Clinical Pilates Instructor

  • B.App Sci (Comp Med) .M.Ost

  • Member of Australian Osteopathic Association

  • Rehabilitative Pilates Instructor

  • Certificate of Global Posturology

  • Member of Sports Medicine Australia

Dr. Goonan- Colbert graduated from the school of Osteopathy at the university of RMIT, after completely 5 years at university, 3 years a bachelor of commentary medicine, then 2 year masters of Osteopathy, in which she specialised in Maternal and Pediatric health. 

Mignon Maritz


  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Myotherapy and Diploma in Remedial Massage at the Melbourne Institute of Massage and Myotherapy. 

  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy

Mignon is our resident Clinical Myotherapist. She has a passion for anatomy and a keen eye for chronic conditions and helping people to get up and moving again. Mignon fell in love with the idea of helping people and completely changing their lives through the means of treatment. Mignon is also a Clinical Rehabilitation pilates instructor which she studied through the Australian Physiotherapy Institute. She combines her treatments of hands on therapy and takes clients through to corrective rehabilitation to get them to the best of their ability.

Dr. Patrick Schrader

Osteopath and Clinical Pilates Instructor

Patrick’s fascination and passion for practising osteopathy stems from his background in martial arts, rugby and dance. He began seeing an osteopath after suffering an injury to the shoulder. Through the amazing results he achieved, his passion as an osteopath was born. His interest in becoming a healthcare practitioner grew stronger after he was diagnosed with scoliosis and began regular maintenance treatments. The results allowed him to continue with life as functionally and pain free as possible. This drove him to expand his knowledge in the field.

madeline 2.jpg
Dr. Madeline Westerway


Madeline graduated from RMIT University with a double Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). Madeline has also undertaken further training regarding Chronic Pain Management and has completed her Level 1 Myofascial Dry Needling & Cupping certification. Madeline is passionate about enhancing her ability to aid her patients in multiple settings and is currently undertaking a Pilates Reformer Teaching Certification.

Madeline has a background in sport, particularly martial arts and developed an interest for human anatomy and movement early on. It was this interest that led her to Osteopathic practice. She is passionate about incorporating her anatomical knowledge and Osteopathic techniques to assist individuals in achieving optimal health and function.

She is passionate about enhancing the wellbeing of patients through pain education, rehabilitation prescription and holistic care. She is particularly eager to equip individuals with the skills required to be active participants within their health journey.

Outside of the clinic Madeline enjoys keeping active, partaking in outdoor activities, cooking nutritious recipes and venturing out to find delicious spots to eat with her partner and friends!




Dr. Caitlin Ellis


Caitlin is a passionate and dedicated osteopath who graduated from RMIT University with a bachelor of health science and bachelor of applied science (Osteo). After graduating she moved to Brisbane where she has been working in busy clinics gaining valuable experience, refining her skills and exploring the city.


Caitlin’s interest in osteopathy was sparked by her love of fitness and movement and a desire to help people move and do what they love without pain.

As a teen, a series of knee and ankle injuries lead her to see an osteopath who helped her return to sport and fitness pain free. From this she developed a love of osteopathy and a desire to understand how the body works and how we can help our bodies to work better.


Caitlin enjoys treating people from all walks of life and strongly believes in educating patients about theirs health and giving them the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure long term results from their treatments.

Dr. Jerry Lay

Osteopath and Clinical Pilates Instructor

Dr Jerry Lay graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy) and has also undertaken further studies in Massage and Myofascial Dry Needling. Jerry’s passion for soccer and his firsthand experiences of injuries led him to Osteopathy. He has also worked as a sports instructor for multiple sports teams during his studies and undertook a placement at the RMIT Sports Academy where he gained experience in sports injury management and exercise rehabilitation. In addition, Jerry has completed his Pilates certification.

Jerry utilises a multitude of osteopathic techniques to treat holistically, whilst also addressing the goals and needs of each individual patient. In his spare time, Jerry likes spending time with his family and going on outdoor adventures.  

John Gosstray

Remedial Massage Therapist

John has over ten years experience in massage therapy. He has been dedicated principle massage therapist in corporate workplaces and has vast experience in professional sport settings recently joining Vibrant from Melbourne City Football Club where he worked directly with men and women’s teams as well as working with teams within the National Basketball League.

He also takes great pride in helping clients with corrective postural work, using deep tissue treatment, prescribed stretching and self care with raising the clients body awareness. This has been a big focus given the current climate with many working from home and soft tissue dysfunction being a relevant issue in the lives of many.

With John’s experience dealing with athletes, he has passion to provide his clients the best potential to perform at their peak and recover optimally and operate pain free.