Mohammed is an experienced Podiatrist that treats a diverse range of condition in the lower limb and feet ranging from:


  • Walking issues

  • Gait Analysis & Orthotics

  • Lower limb joint, muscle and bone pain

  • Sports podiatry

  • Flat feet

  • Bunions

  • Nail and skin surgeries

  • Diabetic foot care/screening

  • Verruca/wart & corn removal

  • Toenail and skin infections

  • Calluses/cracked heels

  • And many more


Mohammed uses a wide range of gentle techniques and personalises his treatment plans to work with patient goals. Treatment options up his sleeve include dry needling, prolotherapy, surgeries, cupping, heat therapy and others. 

He likes to use natural therapies and treatments where possible. He also encourages long term treatment options such as surgery and training depending on the patient’s needs.


Mohammed focuses on providing personalized and holistic care for all his patients.



Suite 5, Level 1 

101 Hazel Glen Drive

DOREEN   VIC  3754

Tel:  9717 8151

Fax: 9717 8159


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